I think I was born with a love of food and cooking.  I remember nearly setting fire to the kitchen while trying to make perfect fried eggs when I was eight.  (Luckily my mother was trusting and let me in the kitchen again).

I have been heavily influenced by Ang Lee’s 1994 movie ‘Eat Drink, Many Woman‘.  I saw this when I was a student, not long after I had discovered a love of the Chinese language.  But I would never have guessed it would mirror my life: as an Australian woman married to a Taiwanese man, I now find that my life is often in search of the perfect meal.  And being a fruaglista, I also delight in creating a simple meal at home with family as well.

rou zong

Me having a bad hair day, concentrating hard while trying to make not too imperfect ‘rouzong’ — northern Taiwanese style rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.


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