$5 Fridays

What is $5 Fridays about?
Angelically light godly spring pancakes
Well, it is about cooking meals – or say something you could make for a ‘bring a plate’ type function  – for under $5 or less.  It came about through inspiration after participating in (and winning) the YWCA of Canberra’s $5 Potluck Meal drive in 2014.  The campaign continues, and if you would like to donate you can do so here.
Potato and rosemary pizza
Potato and rosemary pizza
You know those days when you open up the fridge and nothing seems to be there?  When it is not quite the end of pay week and you don’t know where your money has gone?  When you have to stretch to pay for that unexpected car repair bill?  Well, the $5 dinners are not a total fix but they can help a little bit.  I post on Fridays so this gives you space to cook sometime to celebrate the end of the week, to dine in with style rather than opt for greasy take-away.  Or you can prepare something wonderful to cook over the weekend, or incorporate it in your meal planning.
Yum, sausage rolls
Yum, sausage rolls


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